September 2017

Fantasy female sphinx with glasses reading book while holding a mug


Happy Hump Day everyone 🙂 Time to exercise your mind during this mid week break 😉

The Tale of Merlock the Blue

Chapter one: The Purple Dragonling There was still as much green as there was brown in the tall grasses, and the patches of bluebells had not yet retired for the year.  A bespectacled young man…

The Writer’s Block

Need a some ideas for that next game session? Adventure hooks, villains, and treasure to spice up any campaign This months adventure hook is the Legend of Ol’ Mad Eye.

Mice and Mystics – On the Top of the Table Review

Mice and Mystics is a wonderful cooperative board game designed by Jerry Hawthorne for 1-4 players. He designed this game so his family could have a fantastic adventure on game night. Players assume the roles…