A Paladin’s Tale – The Town of Grimtooth

A very old journal of my first real D&D character. I will rewrite it some day, but it does my heart good that I at least have this copy. So without further delay here is the tale of the Town of Grimtooth:

I traveled many days with my friends. We decide to go west and we came across a town called Grimtooth. I notice that it was raining quite heavily. When we arrived at Grimtooth, immediately my fellow companions went to the tavern. I proceeded to go to the community center. When I arrived I was greeted by the High Priest. I asked him politely for a room for myself and my friends who are at the local tavern. He replied “for a Knight such as yourself I will give you one of our best rooms.” I tried to keep a straight face as I watch him kick out three priests sharing a room. I then asked the priest  “what’s with all the rain?” he replied “This is the year of the great Monsoon. All the wealthy towns people leave Grimtooth only to return when the Monsoon ends. As he continues to tell me the story of the Monsoon I felt a light tug on my hand and cape. As I look down several little kids gather around me and war asking me to tell them war stories. The priest raised his voice and said “children, children please allow the knight to rest I am sure he is very tired from his travel.”

Later that night while I slept I was awakening by a women scream. I rushed to my door to open it, I was greeted by darkness. I proceeded to light a torch, once lit I made my way to where I heard the scream. When I arrived my fellow companions were already there. I asked them how it that they could see in the dark is. I think they said that it was infravision. I then looked down at the poor woman’s body. The head had been completely ripped off and her limbs were torn. At this instance the priest had met with us. He told us that her name was Jen; she was one of the many victims of the monsoon. “Every year a vile creature comes from the temple of death” the priest continues to tell us that the victims are always young maiden their head is twisted in 180 degrees before being decapitated. The limbs are torn apart and a look of death lingers in the victims eyes.” He asked us would we seek out this evil and destroy it. All of us accepted the task. The priest was happy and replied “I have 400 gold pieces and a necklace that I will give you as a reward.” I immediately refused and asked him to use my portion of the reward for the kids. The ranger felt seemed uneasy, he kept rambling on about we will lose the trail if we don’t hurry up and follow it. Since he was the man of the woods I accompany him.

The trail led us to the temple; the ranger could not detect the trail any longer. So we continue to head toward the temple. I had to carry the little gnome on my shoulder since he was only two feet tall. We heard an eerie noise and the suddenly the ranger was attacked. The creature looked like the rotting dead yet it was alive. Combat began I
Took out my holy symbol and commanded the foul creature to stay back. As I did this the rest of my party attacked and killed it. After examining the corpse I took the amulet of the body and stuck it on the temple wall. To my amazement the temple double doors open wide, a stench of the dead briefly filled our lungs.

We entered the temple and the doors closed behind us. The first room we cam to be a room with a gem sitting on a pedestal in the middle of a room. I remove the gem from the pedestal, which proved to be very unwise. I failed to notice the four armored figures that guarded the room. They attacked us but they were no match for our party.

We continued on in the temple and we cam across a small tomb. In this room was a statue of a man with a scale on both sides of it. The statue had gem for eyes, the gnome said pretty gems and jumped. He jumped on the scale to retrieve the pretty gems. As he did that his weight open the door to our left. Everyone left out except the gnome and me. I yelled out “Rathor let us be on our way”, There was no response. Suddenly I seen his body drop down very awkwardly as he begins to run towards me. That is when I notice that four rather huge flying creatures were chasing him. To make matters worse the door was closing. Rathor manage to make it in the room as did one of the flying creatures. That was a fatal mistake on the part of the creature to face us.

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