Short Stories

Windows of the Soul, Part 2

The door shuttered from a heavy blow. It meant the Shades, people possessed by a form of alien entity, had made it past the outer defenses. It was expected they would; but the swarm of…

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The Purple Toad Inn

The Purple Toad was a popular tavern with an attached inn. Well known throughout the land as a place where people can drink their sorrows away in peace. Candle lights emit a soft glow that barely…

Aslam Plight pt 4 & 5

“I really hate this place” Aslam thought as he released the arrow. The arrow found it’s mark and pierced the druid skin.

Orgin of Justin Lockheart

While in college I tried out the Mind’s Eye Theater Live Action Roleplaying Game (LARP) for Vampire the Masquerade. I was impressed with the system and ease of character generation; I wanted the ability of…