Jaiden’s (Jay-dens) Tome – ENTRY 8

I was awakened by Exadus Dre who pointed at the door. To my surprise I saw picon. Before I fell asleep Exadus Dre told me the fate of Picon and Lothar. They both were killed while fighting the roc creatures.

But yet Picon stood before me telling me that he was not the Picon I know. He was also accompanied by a pixie from the Oracle. They told us that the Oracle had sent them to aid us in our time of need.

In the morning I contacted Haacker and asked him what his condition was. He responded that he was in a basement dungeon and chained up. We rested a bit longer than we went back down to the castle.

We followed Exadus Dre as he led us through a secret passage around the castle. Once we got in I took the party to a room that stood out. The pixie then picked the lock and we went in. We saw stairs going down and I knew right away that Haacker and Nate were there.

We followed the spiral staircase and I hovered down to see what was going on. I had to bite my tongue and hand for what I saw. Elves were being tortured by the vile demons. I saw the evil we encountered early bet a demon that he could not pull off the elf’s arm. The demon did pull off the arm of the elf, and as hard as it could be I had took look away and survey the room.

I flew over towards where other elves were being held and watch. Then I saw Exadus Dre appear as the room erupted in fire. I call down the holy might of Ceplar to smite the vile creatures. The roc looked at me and shouted that I would pay for that, he yelled at the other roc saying brother above you.

Picon ran through to go free Haacker and Nate. I stayed behind with the others to battle the other demons.

The battle ended with the one Roc flying away escaping us. I then went to the back room and discovered Lung being devoured by the dretchs. I slaughter all the dretches just on the simple principle that they existed.

Once the battle was over Picon told us that Nate had killed Lung. This perplexed me; on one hand it was cruel how he slays the wizard. However Lung had bent the ley energy and that was the fate he deserved.

We then collected the elves that were being tortured and went back to the secret room we found earlier. We rested in there for a while, I healed my wounds and fell unconscious from exhausting.

In my lapse Picon told me Haacker wanted to mercy kill the elves that were torture. Apparently Haacker felt that this was the only way. He felt that they could not fend from themselves nor could they be left alone. Picon took them away, to keep them from safe from Haacker.

What happen next is fuzzy in my memory. But they attacked something and the wizard was hurt in the process.

After another day of rest we decided to move on and explore the castle. Haacker moved along at a fast pace and stirred the hornets nest. The monk ran back and told us that Haacker was under attack and needed our help. I was already in the process of battling one of the vile demons. After a few minutes the creature was slain and I flew up to the next level to help Haacker.

The room filled with the demons and we were in for the fight of our very lives. I called down the might of Ceplar and my hand was transformed into a fiery blade of his might. I killed another demon before I was knocked unconscious from one of the rocs.

I had awoken sometime later to see my brothers of the trees around me. The wanted me to accompany them to the portal. Along the way they asked me about the others and whether or not they were my friends. I told them a friend was a loose turn but they were my companions on my mission.

Once we arrived to the portal I closed it with Exadus Dre staff. In the process the staff was chopped in half. The high priest Villard thanked me for the help and offer to take me back to the party. It was then that I told him of the box and he offered to have members of the Iron Wolves to retrieve it. Once again the box was within my grasp. I knew that the box would be in danger for as long as I carried it. Villard told me that it was protected as long as we where with him. It was good to see the brothers of the forest out in so much force.

After some time passed we discuss what our mission was with the high priest. He asked us to accompany us to the Elvin village to speak with his superior. He knew that his superior wanted to ask us some question. I must also add that they watched Nate like a hawk, and they said multiple times that he can not be trusted and he speaks lies.

We marched on to the Elvin village and once there immediately the party found a merchant that had everything they seek. I even visited him myself, his name was Erdexes and he was a famed merchant.

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