Fantasy female sphinx with glasses reading book while holding a mug


Put on your thinking cap and try to solve this week riddle.

A Divided Party

Pfren reaches his homeland on Erynor (Friday) morning, landing on the beaches just outside of Slíen. He rests a bit, and then continues to fly over the forests, at one point spotting an old friend,…

Book Review: Thrawn by Timothy Zahn

Hello Everyone, While I spend much of my time in my tower contemplating all things arcane and mystical I do, on occasion, venture out in the world. On a recent sojourn at the bookstore I…

My Life

Let’s give the brain a workout on Hump Day 🙂

Aslam’s Plight pt 1

I still have no idea how we arrived at this god forsaken place. The woman before would not stop crying, the lost of her husband has her in a state of shock. She begged us…

Quotes generated by roleplaying games

Time for another round of quotes you may hear while roleplaying. “So, how many cities are under this corner of the room?” “Squash him like the bug he is!” (Re: a villain named Dr. Mosquito)

RE: Online Pen & Paper Gaming

On October 18 2014, Greytome and I did our first podcast for Evolving RPG on the tools to have a successful Online Pen & Paper Game.