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  1. Detail history and background information on the world

  2. Effective use of maps and other visual aids

  3. Consistency of the world 

  4. Takes advantage of player’s skills and disadvantages


  1. Roleplays non player characters effectively

  2. Encourages and rewards players for good roleplaying
  3. Allows players to roleplay their characters freely

  4. Provides constructive criticism and useful tips


  1. Demonstrates sufficient mastery of game content

  2. Ability to handle issues outside out of the rule book

  3. Quickly handles rule disputes in a fair manner

  4. Effectively handles exploits of rules


  1. Demonstrates sufficient mastery of combat system

  2. Use of visual aids such as miniatures or maps

  3. Maintains order during combat

  4. Ability to handle unusual combat scenarios


  1. Maintains players interest and attention

  2. Overall flow and progression of the Game

  3. Displays evidence of preparedness

  4. Flexibility with the game and interaction with players

Additional Comments

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