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This months adventure hook is the Legend of Ol’ Mad Eye.


It is said that on calm nights out on the open sky, when the Moon is full, you can hear the ol’ crew from the flying pirate ship the Wyvern’s Revenge sing a solemn tune.

It was a night such as this when the sky opened, and the demons slid out into our realm. It was then that the wyvern’s revenge ran into the demon Reargus. The ship hit him full force on his side. He rolled off of the hit, dropped below the ship, then spun around under it. He spread his wings catching an updraft causing him to float up on the other side. Reargus slammed his body against side of the ship sending most of the crew sprawling to the opposite side of it. Reargus then rose to the mast and began attacking it. The pirates jumped to their feet and began to attack the demon with little effect. Their arrows bounced off his thick skin. This began to annoy him so he dropped down onto the ship. He killed one pirate by landing on top of him and slashed his claws at another. After he had tore his claws into a third pirate Mad eye struck him with his sword. He slashed at his back crippling his wing. He roared out in pain. His wing went limp as he spun around with his claws to strike at mad eye. Madeye ducked the swipe, and swung his sword at Reargus’s exposed chest. Reargus roared out again as the sword sliced him. It left a giant gaping wound in his chest. Grasping the wound on his chest he fell backward onto the ships deck. He was surprised that the old pirate had hurt him so quickly. He had underestimated this old pirate.He retreated back a little. He looked at the sword that mad eye was using. It was, at that moment, he recognized it. That sword was from the Angelic Wars. The sword was named Ohr’agozoth the demon splitter.
Mad eye began to advance on him but the demon held up his hand stopping him. Reargus began to form a plan in his mind.

“I wish to parlay with you captain” Reargus began
“You’re a little late for that demon” mad eye spat back. He had the upper hand since the demon was trying to negotiate with him, so he backed off a little. ” What is it that you want demon?” he asked cautiously
” Might I remind you captain that it was your ship that ran into me.” the demon said
” after your carcass dropped right into the path of me ship. ” mad eye rebutted “We did not have enough time to get outta yer way.”
“Then we shall call it an unfortunate accident, and call it even” the demon said
Mad eye was getting impatient with the demon and began moving towards him brandishing his sword. “What is it that you want demon? I ask again of ye.”

“I want a truce between us. I will stop attacking you and your ship, and you will stop attacking me. You are strong Mad eye, and perhaps would have killed me. I have a proposion for you. I will give you the power to take what you want for all eternity in exchange for my life. What say you to this?”

Mad eye though for a moment. He would have clearly beaten the thing, and by the looks of it, he had bested it already. “We have a deal you and I Demon, but no tricks.” he said to Reargus waving his sword back back and forth.

“Excellent” the demon replied “we shall make a pact and seal the deal.

He took his necklace off. It was a beautifully carved dragonskull. It was carved out of obsidian. It had rubies for eyes and diamonds for teeth. He took his hand and touched the open wound getting blood on his hand. He touched the skull with it. He then told ol Mad Eye to do the same. Mad eye sliced his hand open with his sword and placed his hand on the skull. There was a flash of light and Demon was gone, and now only mad eye was standing there.
Mad eye looked at his crew his eyes glowed red like the demon’s.

“The pact is complete.” Mad eye said his voice sounding different. There was an unearthly tone mixed into it. He then went into a frenzy killing his men and raising them as his undead slaves.

Reargus had possessed ol Mad eye in the ritual he had took his form and now to this day his ship the Wyverns revenge still roams these skies. Robbing and killing any one in their path. It is said that Mad eye had a secret hideout on a flying island filled with the spoils of a thousand ships. Many people have tried to find the lost island but no one has returned.


The flying ship The Wyverns Revenge is commanded by a possessed Mad Eye and his crew of undead pirates.

The wyverns revenge can attack your adventuring party’s boat and try to loot their ship. They may steal something valuable and it’s a chase back to the flying island hideout.

For a longer adventure or campaign you can have a treasure map to be found by your adventuring party with clues to lead to the island itself.

The island itself is a pirate island that could be filled with crafty traps and riddles. Riddles could be provided by this very site in the riddle section.

At the heart of the island, sitting on his throne could be Ol Mad Eye/Reargus and a few of his crew for a final show down.

After the fight, the vault which holds the loot of a thousand ships could be for the taking by the adventures, at the cost of the island sinking. It would give the adventurers time to grab some treasure before the island crashes down into the sea.

The Angelic Wars was the battle between the gods of the heavenly plane vs the demons of the astral plane of hell


Ohr’agozoth the demon splitter could be any type of sword and at DM’s discretion and a +1 or +2 and +5 against demons and dragons.

The Dragon head necklace could fetch a decent price at any town or possibly another adventure hook as to how it came to be.

Mad eye’s eye patch is a magical item that grants the spell true seeing 3 times a day.


A collection of ideas to plan that next great game session.
By Kirby

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  1. I know what I’m adding to my next D&D game! If you think about it it wouldn’t be difficult to tweak this for a StarFinder game too!

  2. Absolutely, I could totally see it!

  3. I must admit as well, that pirates have a special place in my heart 🙂 Which will eventually lead to my game 😉

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