DM Type

Determine what type of DM you are by taking the short quiz below!

1.The DM’s responsibility is:

Create difficult and outlandish encounters that could kill PC’s easy. But, hey, they can runaway!
Be a storyteller, but challenge PC’s to the fullest.
Storyteller, combat is secondary.

2. During the character creation process:
Watch all the rolls. If the rolls are to high for your tastes you’ll knock em’ down for “Balance”
Watch the rolls…but let the PC’s control the placement.
You don’t care…..hopefully the party gets along.

3. Background stories are:

For bookworms….Won’t matter because the characters won’t see 5th level anyway.
A good thing but not necessary.
A must. Who the PC’s are as characters are defined by backgrounds as well as their sensibilities, motivations and views.

4. The Monster Manual is:

Your BIBLE. The binding is almost as used as your DMG. Sometimes you read it before bedtime to “Brush Up”.
A necessary tool for the game as it can be used for challenges.
Big paper holder with rings from my Mountain Dew cans on the cover. I plan encounters necessary to the story.

5. Your view of a TPK is:

Absolutely beautiful. How dare the players get hurt over the masterpiece of combat montage that you created.
It happens, regretfully.
If the campaign is going well, I WILL FUDGE DICE ROLLS TO PREVENT THEM!

6. Your players:

Call your games “Carnage Campaigns” and have characters written up just in case.
Can honestly say you play by the rules, with a few house rules included, which are known by everyone.
Bring a tub of popcorn and drinks so that they can listen to your cinematic worthy storytelling.

7. Your storylines are generally:

Combat orientated few breaks, quick experience and lots of loot.
Easy, you run modules (with a few extra encounters).
If you had the money to produce them…LOTR and Star Wars would be in the bargain bin at Blockbuster.

8. The same campaign using the same characters usually last:

Couple of sessions. “I didn’t pay for the I LOVE TPK’s tattoo for nothing!!”
As long as the story keeps going.
“My players still fondly play 30+ level characters”

9. You use NPC’s as:

Traitors…they keep PC’s on their toes.
A mix of both….citizens and baddies.
NPC add color, flavor and can be used as motivators. The bad ones are clearly shown as such.

10. Your favorite alignment for PC’s to play is:

Evil…kill them all…let some deity sort it out.
Neutral….the PC’s can swing either way.
Good….you live to see your PC’s survive, trump evil, like one another, and become heroes.

11. A player’s character sheet is:

A place to write loot, gold, levels and weapons down.
A representation of the PC.
A place for Players to jot down names, skills and staple their background story.