Windows of the Soul, Part 1

RE: Spacial Anomaly #0001
STATUS: Stable

General Wirscof,

The spacial anomaly remains stable at this time. Being that you are the new commander of the security for and research on the event I will bring you up to date on several critical points not covered on the primary summary.

First, the temporal distortion that allowed for travel back in time 10 years is closed but a residual anomaly still exists. Time travel is not possible but a tear in space time does remain at the location which is now under military control. In addition to NASA, JPL, and DARPA scientists we did receive information from Metahuman Designated #1736 (named “Solar Flare”). He provided recommendations on how to close the temporal portal. Later, #1736 did approach the perimeter and make contact with our ground troops. I told him the portal was closed and security was simply to prevent civilian exposure to lingering radiation. Please note, there is in fact no radiation threat.

Second, the anomaly regularly emits energy pulses. These pulses are of an unknown origin and do not pose a danger at this time. Work continues on what causes these pulses and what, if any, military value they might have. It may be possible to harness the
pulses as a new energy source or weapon.

Third, no Metahuman or Parahuman, particularly Parahuman Designated #9321 (named “Priest”), are involved in the security of the anomaly or our ongoing research. This event and resulting anomaly are classified Top Secret. The cover story in place is that a terrorist threat was identified and dealt with before harm could be done to the civilian population.

I look forward to your upcoming site visit General.

Best regards,

Col. Taft Jones

Taft finished the message to his new commanding officer. It was late and he was looking forward to heading home. He stayed around to supervise another round of tests on the anomaly. There was hope to focus one of the energy pulses but the pulses didn’t happen at regular intervals. When the last pulse did occur they were unsuccessful in directing the energy.

Taft looked out of the window of the observation room. The anomaly was housed in a previously abandoned warehouse. The location was selected by the telekinetic villain Tek-Lo because it was relatively remote but still close to the city.

Two years ago Tek-Lo has opened a time portal going ten years into the past. He had intended to change the past. Apparently to eliminate the superhero Titan. Fortunately several superheroes intervened and no harm was done, Tek-Lo was defeated and the portal secured.

After that the military took over. They were able to close the time portal but something remained. It was like a tear in space itself. A jagged, shimmering gouge hung in space. It wasn’t getting power from any source they could detect but it remained.

Cameras were sent into the anomaly but only inky darkness could be seen. Nothing on the spectrum would register. Light, infrared, x-Ray, it didn’t matter. Nothing could be seen.

The nature of the anomaly couldn’t be determined so a perimeter was set around it. Nothing approached except for strictly controlled experiment teams.

Taft packed his briefcase and prepared to leave but his attention was drawn to the floor below.

Down below two soldiers stood staring at the shimmering rift. No one should have been down there especially without protective gear. No dangerous radiation had been detected but it was standard procedure.

“Damn gawkers.” Taft muttered under his breath. “Must be new recruits.”

Taft clicked on the speaker and called out. “You two down there! Get your butts out of my quarantine zone!”

In order to keep a low profile only a handful of security personnel were assigned to the location and most worked the perimeter. The two soldiers were supposed to be guarding the door to the room containing the rift.

The two men didn’t move, they didn’t even look away from the rift. Instead of calling additional security Taft decided to handle this himself.

He put on a light hazmat suit, procedure was procedure after all, and headed down.

He keyed in his access code to the main room of the warehouse and opened the door. The two soldiers still stood there, just staring at the shimmering rift.

“You two, front and center! Now soldiers!” Taft yelled. The tone made the blood of many enlisted ranks and officers alike run cold but these two didn’t even flinch.

Taft stormed over to the two men and yelled. “Both of you will be up for court martial for ignoring a direct order!”

Taft reached out, grabbed the closest soldier’s shoulder and spun him around.

“Your ass is finished in this army…” Taft stopped yelling mid-sentence.

The soldiers eyes were completely black. The veins of the man’s face were black line starting from his eyes and radiating out over his entire face. The skin was a sickly pale cover.

“We have much work to do.” Both soldiers spoke in unison as the second soldier turned to face Taft. “These hosts can’t complete our work. Additional hosts are needed.”

Taft pulled his arm away but the nearest soldier grabbed it with inhuman speed and strength. Taft instinctively went for his sidearm but it was under the hazmat suit.

The other solider grabbed Taft with equal strength. Taft was not a weak man but he couldn’t move his arms. He kicked up and caught one soldier squarely in the jaw.

Even though bone shattered the soldier didn’t release his grip. Inky black fluid mixed with red blood from the wound.

Both soldiers pinned Taft’s arms behind his back and moved him towards the rift. He tried to push back but it did no good. They forcibly bent him forward closer to the rift.

Straining his back to resist Taft screamed as his face passed into the rift. Then darkness enveloped him.

The two soldiers stood holding what would have looked like a headless body to anyone watching for a minute. Taft’s legs kicked and then went still.

They pulled his body back and Taft’s head reappeared. They released him and he dropped to his knees.

He calmly stood and removed the hood of his hazmat suit. His eyes were completely black and dark lines began outlining the veins on his face.

He turned to the two soldiers and spoke. His voice echoed deeply. “Yes, we have much work to do. Prepare for the General’s arrival. We need additional hosts.”

The three turned at the same time and walked out of the room.

In their absence the rift shimmered.

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