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This months adventure hook is Orotheck’s Promise.

Orotheck awoke at the sound of noise off in the far of distance. He laid in the center of tomb. It was his friend Kerrapey’s sanctuary and final resting place. Overgrown vines lined the stone walls of the tomb. The vines covered the beautiful painted mural depicting Kerrapey’s various struggles and achievements during her life’s journey. The floor of the cave was once a beautiful underground garden. The grass and the garden, that was once well kept had slowly overgrown over time. In the center of the room was a large stone basin. Grass and moss had grown through the recesses of the bricked in rounded center surrounding it. In the basin was crystal clear calm blue water. It was a tranquil place, and Orotheck made sure of it. It was his master’s last wish. She made him promise to defend it.

Orothek arose from the soft patch of moss and grass he had been laying in. His joints popped and cracked as he rose. He shook his massive muscular frame, loosening bits of grass and moss that had stuck in his grayish brown fur. He strained to hear the sounds that had awoken him. The sounds echoed through the stone passage ways and tunnels. It sounded like the noises were coming from the entrance way above him. He walked towards the stone basin and peered in. The water that was in the basin reflected Orotheck’s image as he peered into it. Using the words Kerrapey had taught him so long ago, he brought the tranquil pool to life. The water shifted in it and a new image formed in the water. The pool reflected the cave entrance.

Someone or something was trying to enter the cave way above him in the tomb. They pulled the massive stone from the cave opening. Seven orcs shuffled into the cave. They looked soaked from a rainstorm. They began to make camp in the cave. They built a fire in the center of it. One of them had produced a dead rabbit from his pack. He began to paint a symbol on the floor with its blood.

Orotheck saw it in the pool and growled. He hated the thought of them defiling the entrance. “How dare they” he thought to himself. He sighed “I’ll have to clean that up later.”

Another one of the orcs saw the rabbit and started yelling at the first in orcish. He reached for the rabbit. The orc recoiled back and then spat at the second. As the orc began to charge the first, A large orc, who towered over all of the others, came in through the entrance. He broke up the fight, took the rabbit, and threw it into the fire. He yelled at the two orcs for being so foolish. When he finished, he looked around at the rest of them. The orcs scattered to the four corners of the room. The large orc surveyed the room. He walked over to Kerrepay’s carefully carved hidden doorway. The door was carved to look like the rest of the stone wall. It was the tunnel entrance that lead to the hidden sanctuary. Orotheck watched as the large orc beat his fists along the carved door. He hit the pressure plate hidden within the moss that covered the stone walls of the cave entrance. The secret door to the sanctuary swung open. He motioned the others into the passageway.

Orotheck looked up from the pool as the sounds of them getting closer. He gritted his claws against the soft earth beneath him.
“Damn orcs! ” he growled under his breath in common. “I’m not lookin for a fight anymore. Gettin to old for this.”
He said another small incantation and the necklace he wore around his neck glowed. The fur on his body shimmered and beautiful ornate leather armor appeared around him. It had been another gift from Kerrapey. Even now, after her death, her love for him still kept him protected. Orotheck had prepared himself for the oncoming battle that would befall this place. The grunts and screams of the orc language echoed throughout the corridors. You’ll protect it at all costs. At least until “he” arrives, Orotheck thought to himself, as he promised so long ago. And with that, He moved silently without leaving tracks toward the sound of the oncoming orcs.


Kerrapey is a female dwarven Druid. She created the garden as a tribute to her god. It was her home when she retired from adventuring. It also became her final resting place. She was a child of stone and earth, who found herself torn between two different worlds. She found the love for nature in her adventures and marveled at the forests, streams, and rolling hills of the outside world. In order to bring balance to herself she created the underground sanctuary

Orothek is a large brown bear in the story, but it is DM’s discretion as to what animal he/she is. Orotheck was Kerrapey’s animal companion. She and he were linked. In the moment of her passing, Orothek was blessed by kerrepys deity. He would live to protect the garden and its hidden secret. His life was lengthened, as was Kerrapey’s, to protect it.

Kerrapey was guarding something or relic given to her by her deity. This could be a major plot piece in your story. It could be something your players are questing for. It is up to you DM as to what it is, when crafting your story.

The painted mural on the walls of the cave would depict the life of the Druid. It could tell the tale of how she found the nature god she loved, and what was given to her. It could also tell how she died and the promise that Orothek made to her.

Your players might aid Orotheck in his fight with the orcs. This will sway Orotheck to the players side and they will have a chance to befriend him. He could lead them to the sanctuary


The water in the basin heals all wounds. Each drink works like cure moderate wounds 3rd lvl spell. The basin never dries up. It is always filled with water. The waters healing properties dissipate when you leave the sanctuary.

Kerrapey’s armor Leather armor +3. It also conforms to any animal’s shape when a Druid shape shifts. It can also become invisible when the Druid a wants to appear as a normal animal.

The large orc has a ring of intelligence +2. He got it from his master, as to who that it is it is up to you as the DM.

The sanctuary itself could be and excellent resting place for weary adventurers. It could be a safe haven for them. One of your players could be worthy of the gift that Kerrapey and Orothek were defending.

The gift from Kerrapey’s deity is up to you as the DM. It might be a key piece in your campaign’s story, this could be a stand alone adventure. In my campaign, the relic was Kerrapey’s Armor. It was in a small stone chamber off the main room of the sanctuary. The doorway was completely covered in evergrowing vines. The Druid character in my campaign was the only one that could enter it.

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